10 Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising for Businesses on Guam

10 Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising For Guam [Graph]

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Digital advertising, which includes pay per click advertising, is the fastest growing marketing medium. The total US ad spend in 2016 was $72.5 Billion dollars. Yes, you read that correctly, $72.5 BILLION. That is a 22 percent growth from 2015 digital advertising spend, and for the first time mobile ad spend surpassed non-mobile ad spend. Mobile ad spend in 2016 was $36.6 billion and non-mobile ad spend was $35.9 billion. Digital advertising is growing and it’s not going to slow down! However, according to Smart Insights Digital Marketing Report, 70% of businesses have no digital marketing strategy at all. We’re here to fix that. A great way to get started with digital advertising is through Google AdWords. AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising service by Google. It’s a great way to reach people who are actively searching for your product or services, and you only pay when people click on your ads. Here are 10 advantages of pay per click advertising for businesses on Guam.

Low Keyword Competition

Google AdWords advertising is based off of keywords. Say you have an auto detailing business, you would want to target keywords like “Guam auto detailing,” or “Guam detailing services.” In large cities there could be hundreds of auto detailing businesses competing for these keywords, however, on Guam there aren’t that many businesses to compete with in your industry.

Few Businesses Are Advertising With Google AdWords

This goes hand in hand with the previous advantage. At this point, digital advertising is fairly new to Guam. Google AdWords is not new, it started in October 2000, but Guam has not adapted much of it’s digital advertising from that time. However, you can actually use this to your advantage! You could gain an advantage over your competition by advertising on Google AdWords. Your ads will be the only ones that show up if no other business in your space is advertising on Google AdWords.

Lower Costs

Adding on to the previous point, you will actually be able to advertise for a lot less using lower bids, since there isn’t any competition! The most you will spend per click is 1 cent more than a competing bid. So, if you are the only one advertising in your space, you control the highest bid for that keyword. Digital advertising is a process. You will learn what ads work and what does not work as you track and analyze your reports; but the sooner you start, the cheaper your information gathering phase will be.

Only Pay For Qualified Leads

Why is digital marketing effective? Because it’s measurable and optimizable. With other advertising mediums like the newspaper and television, you are essentially “spraying and praying.” The term used to describe someone shooting a gun in the general direction of their target, praying that they hit their target. It’s not efficient. With Google AdWords, you can target your specific audience that is looking for your product or services. You take the guessing completely out of advertising, and your marketing dollars are not wasted! You only pay for qualified leads.

Easy Targeting Because of The Size of Guam

With the size of Guam your targeting will be quite simple. There are only a few demographics that are relevant to Guam. You will still need to do your due diligence in researching your specific target audience, but you certainly have an advantage over large cities with many differing demographics. Find what works for your specific business, and grow from there.

Growing Audience Of Online Users

I alluded to this in the opening paragraph. Online users are rapidly growing, and the same is true for the island of Guam. A growing audience means you can reach more people by advertising on Google AdWords. One advantage of pay per click advertising is that you can reach people at the exact moment they are searching for the thing you provide.

Pay Per Click Advertising is Measurable (So You Know How Your Marketing Dollars are Working)

I’ll expound on the fact that pay per click advertising is measurable. As you advertise, Google will provide you with reports on how your ad campaigns are performing. These reports could provide you with information such as how many people have seen your ads, how many people have clicked on your ads, what keywords people were searching for when they found your ad, and tons more! This gives you a huge advantage over other advertising mediums like billboards, newspapers, and television because you can see how your ad campaigns are actually performing. With billboards, newspapers, and television you have no idea who sees your ads, and if they have taken any action because of your ads. You are guessing that your advertisements are working, but with pay per click advertising you can KNOW that your ads are working.

Pay Per Click Advertising is Optimizable (Increase Your ROI Overtime)

As you advertise using Google AdWords, Google will provide you with reports. These reports are then used to optimize your ads so that they can perform better. Over time, if you are actively optimizing your ad campaigns, you will begin to advertise more efficiently, increasing your Return On Investment. You should never just set a campaign and leave it unattended, because you will be wasting a lot of money, potentially thousands of dollars for every ad campaign. Also you should never use Google’s default settings, because naturally Google has it set up for you to spend more money. Why? Because that’s how Google makes money, and they make it as easy as possible for you to spend your money.

Increase Brand Awareness With Impressions All Around the Web

According to Google, their ads Display Network includes over 2 million sites that reach over 90% of global internet users. This includes popular blogs, news sites, and of course YouTube! So the advantage of using Google AdWords is that you could increase brand awareness by placing your ads on popular websites all around the web. As Guam users are browsing their favorite sites, you could be advertising to them or increasing brand awareness.

Increased Revenue With Laser Focus Targeting

The final advantage of PPC advertising with Google AdWords is increasing your revenue with laser-focus targeting! After all, that’s the reason for advertising right? To make more money! A lot of wasted ad spend is the result of wrong targeting. If you’re advertising your local restaurant, you wouldn’t want to advertise to the Whole World. Not only will you spend a thousand dollars in 1 second, but you wouldn’t gain any business from that campaign. Instead you could get really specific with your targeting using PPC. For example, you could target a Male, single, age 30, at 6:00 PM on a Saturday night, searching for a place to eat, within a 1 mile area of your restaurant. Now that’s someone who is most likely going to visit your restaurant after seeing your ad. With laser-focus targeting you could reach the right people at the right time to increase your revenue.

The Main Takeaway:

Start now and stick with it! Online advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium and it’s not going to slow down. The sooner you start, the cheaper it will be; and the more of a head start you will have against your competition in optimizing your advertisements to get your biggest ROI.